Lean Into Obstacles
We all run into problems and challenges, but don't hide from them
Input Versus Output
If you want to get more done, you probably need to change your input versus output ratio.
Who Is Your Cheerleader?
If you are trying anything new in life, you will need a cheerleader.
Punched In The Face
Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face
When Things Go Wrong
When that happens, here are 3 things that can help you get back on track.
The Ones We Don't Want To Do
Sometimes you won't want to make the call, or write the presentation, or do the workout...
$10 Million
Re-thinking how valuable today is
The Quality of Your Questions
When you are meeting with clients, do you take their requests exactly as they ask...
Update Your Story
We all have stories that we tell ourselves. But are they really true?
Passengers and Drivers
In this world, there are passengers and drivers which do you want to be?
Your Own Thoughts
Most of us have someone communicating AT us all of the time
Trivial Knowledge Or Willing To Do The Work?
Sometimes we fall prey to the idea that "we know" something that we just know of.
2 Great Questions For Sales
All of us are in sales. But how can we be in sales...and be in service.
A Decision Is Not Made Until Communicated
Kirby recently learned a lesson about business as he was taking out the trash
What Are You Afraid Of?
What if FEAR was not always bad?
Just Keep Going
No matter what hill you are climbing, there will be a time when it feels like you are not making progress
Everyone Wants a Different Level of Coaching
Individuals have different needs when it comes to learning new thing
Are You Giving as a Leader?
Uncertain Times can be very stressful
You Can Become the Person You Need to Be
Don't let big goals cause you to be overwhelmed
What Can You Learn Today
You can always take time to learn something new...
Get Back On Track
If you have gotten off track...it's okay
Invest in Events
There are 3 reasons why you should consider investing in events in order to grow
Time To Get To Work
You made your goals and resolutions... Now it's time to get to work!
12 Week Year Goals
This is what they are...and why I am doing it!
First World Problems
Real Problems vs. First World Problems
Do Your Actions Match Your Ambition?
Most of us have a place in our life we want to improve. But what are you doing about it?
Be Here
Take the time to be here...in the present
3 Questions for Life
Ask yourself these each day if you want to create a happy and successful life.
Show Appreciation
During this season...and especially this week...it's a great time to be thankful.
Set A Deadline
Giving yourself a deadline helps productivity and creativity.
Work Harder
If you want more results, you might need to work smarter. But you also might need to work harder.
Learn. Do. Teach.
If you want to succeed in life, you need to be learning.
The Power of Left Chest Imprint
A sales person comes to your door to sell you something...but they don't have a logo'd shirt. Do you trust them?
Friday Energy To Mondays
Everybody loves Fridays! But what if we brought Friday energy to Mondays?
No Time Like The Present
Are you creating your life on purpose? Most people are not.
Complaining is SMALL Talk
...and why we should want to avoid it
The Sport of Outrage
It seems like everyone is mad about everything right now...
The Longer an Idea Sits
...the less likely you are to do it!
Don't Cancel Because of a Forecast
If you are chasing a goal, big scary predictions can knock us off track.
Labor Day/Rest Day
Despite the hustle and grind...sometimes we need to take a rest day
Expectations Create A Debt
Don't have unspoken expectations. Communicate them.
Screw the Haters
If you are staying true to your goals and yourself, don't worry about what people say.
75 Hard
An intensive program...and what he admires about that!
Don't Apologize for Being Happy
We are allowed to have good days, enjoy them.
Two Types of People
There are energy takers and energy givers. Which are you?
3 Tips To Learn Better
Here are 3 tips from Jim Kwik on how to learn better and faster.
Invest in Future You
If you want to change, you need to change your identity
It's a Practice
Many of us are looking for an overnight solution to change. But real change takes time.
Getting it off your chest
Sometimes we all want to get something off our chest
Uncomfortable Conversations
A person's ability to grow is connected with their willingness to have uncomfortable conversations
Fight For Your Limitations
Have you ever had someone ask for help and then argue with your suggestions?
Exceptional Action
If you want to create a new project or goal, you might need to be unreasonable...
What Media Are You Watching?
Is it telling you that everyone else is the problem...or does it focus on you?
Be CEO of Your Life
Stop saying you are too busy!
Fighting My Natural Tendencies
Sometimes if life, we find that our natural tendencies are not helping us.
Enjoy the Sunshine
You just have to "live in the is," and enjoy the sunshine
Don't Wait For Permission
When it comes to creating the change we want to see in the world
Reach Out
Sometimes we live through a challenging season. But there are more people rooting for you than you think.
Simple Rule of Business
Don't get in the way of someone trying to give you money!
Different Than Expectations
Your customer's experience can have a lot to do with their expectations.
The Only Way To Learn Is To Leap
Many times you need to run the numbers. But sometimes the only way to learn is to leap.
Plan For What You Can
When it comes to vacation or business, learn a two-step process to make it more fun.
What Is The Goal?
Why asking this question can help you get your next project on track.
Incremental Changes
When starting a new goal, we all want fast results. But sometimes it doesn't work that way.
Both Things Can Be True
You can do good for your community and good for your business
More Than The Manual
Each employee can stand out by doing more than the manual asks!
What Are You Doing To Earn Special Treatment?
We want to feel special. But what are you doing to earn it?
Different Than We Expected
Not everything goes according to our plans...
My Responsibility
Why we need to take responsibility for everything
We are Like Balloons
We don't want to be deflated...but we don't want to pop either
Keeping An Open Mind
Just because you don't agree with everything doesn't mean you can't learn something.
It's Okay to Start Again
This can be a tough time for goals. Have you fallen off?
The Wake
The wake cannot drive the boat.
What Would You Do with $1 Million?
Be open to new opportunities...even when you don't feel you are ready!
Stop Hitting the Snooze
One simple tip that we can do in the New Year to be more productive.
Are You Creating Your Future?
Why you need to rehearse for the success you want in life.
Life Is An Adventure
Sometimes we need to enjoy the ride
Your Network is Your Net Worth
The truth about your network..
Happy Place
If you want to do better on tough tasks, you want to go to "your Happy place" before you do them.
Don't Should On Me
We need to stop telling people what they should do...and stop worrying about those that do!
Giving Thanks
Kirby tells us why Thanksgiving is one of his favorite holidays...
Rip Up The Carpet
Sometimes on projects, we get stuck.
3 Tips To De-Stress Your Morning
Sometimes we all wake up stressed.
Flip Jealousy Into Inspiration
"The High 5 Habit"
Want To Be Happier? Be Less Certain
Kirby Hasseman explains why if we want to be happier, we should try to be LESS certain.
Monday Minute: WWTLD?
"What Would Ted Lasso Do?"
3 Places I Need To Improve
Kirby Hasseman talks about 3 places he is struggling and needs to improve
The 80 20 Rule
Kirby Hasseman talks about the book High Trust Selling and a very important lesson he took away from it!
Pressure is a Privilege
Kirby Talks about an important lesson he took away from watching an interview
The 5F's of Goals
If we want to have a balanced life we need to have balanced goals
Fight Perfection
The one voice in our head that is holding us back...perfection
Be Where Your Feet Are
If we want to be happier, we need to "be where our feet are."
Obstacle Or Goal
When you are chasing something in your life, do you see the obstacle or the goal.
DON'T Be Selfish
Here is some advice on when you shouldn't be selfish!
Make a choice
Sometimes we get stuck because we think a decision is forever.
Your Personal Thermostat
According to Ed Mylett, we all have a personal thermostat that will determine our success.
I Was Wrong
Did you know there are 3 little words you can say that will increase your learning and credibility?
Be Selfish
Kirby Hasseman explains why sometimes it's okay...make that important...to be selfish.
Simple Not Easy
Simple is not the same as Easy. Here is why that matters to you!
3 Questions to Ask
In this latest book "Soundtracks," Jon Acuff gives us three questions to ask ourselves about our thoughts.
Rest Day
You have to take the time to rest and recover.
Success Creates New Problems
They are good and interesting problems...but when we see these new problems, we know we are on the right track!
Kirby Hasseman talks about why he doesn't like listening to predictions from others.
Hear Your Own Voice
Kirby Hasseman talks about his goal of reading 50 books.
What Do I Win By Winning?
Arguments are everywhere. But here is a question to ask yourself before you engage. What do you win by winning?
Create a Story
Regardless of how much we love our job, there are times we do things we don't want to do.
5 Step Process
The best way to success might mean creating our own path
Unwritten Rules
Ignore some rules and write your own!
Not Every Opinion Matters
You Might Offend Some People, and That's Okay
Monday Minute
3 Frogs
With Change Comes Challenge
Are you ready to invest?
Monday Minute
Need A Lift?
Monday Minute
Find Common Ground
Monday Minute
Time To Track Your Goals
Monday Minute
What Will You Do With the Hard?
Monday Minute
What are you FOR?
Monday Minute:
Redefining Success
Monday Minute
Do Your Words Match Your Action?
Monday Minute: Next Right Step
When you are planning your big project, you don't need to plan every step.
Monday Minute: Keep Your Head on a Swivel
It started meaning one thing to him...and now it means something else.
Monday Minute: Words to Stop Using
Two words that we need to stop using if we want to be more productive...and more happy!
Monday Minute: Just A Season
If you are going through a great time or a tough time, it's important to remember one thing...
Monday Minute: Be Selfish
Sometimes you NEED to be selfish.
Monday Minute: Hell yes or no
Having a calendar full of things we don't REALLY care about.
Monday Minute: The Critic's Gift
When you put yourself out there, it's nice to get positive feedback. But sooner or later, the critic will show up.
Monday Minute: Overnight Success
How people think you become an "overnight success."
Monday Minute: Try New Things
It's time to spice things up and try new things.
This is a great time to be introspective
Monday Minute: How do you treat the waitress?
Everyone is nice to their boss. But how do you treat the waitress?
Monday Minute: Not JUST Complaining
Sometimes we run across someone that wants to tell you a problem they have...
Monday Minute: 3 Tips When You Make Mistakes
...and you will!
Take Responsibility
When you don't, you become the victim.
Don't Take That Away From Me
It's not just about you!
Monday Minute: Take Action
Most of us know what we want to have in life. There is usually one thing that's holding us back. We need to take more action.
Monday Minute: The Right Reason
So many of us want to do things for "the right reason."
Monday Minute
Too Much Thinking
The Monday Minute: Brain Dump
Sometimes we all get overwhelmed. It happens to the best of us. So what do we do?
The First 60 seconds
How do you stay positive? It's a tough question to answer, but I think it starts with the first 60 seconds of my day. Here's what I mean!
Monday Minute I Get To
Sometimes when we are overwhelmed, we need to make a simple shift. I needed to. I went from saying "I have to" and started saying "I get to."
What Can YOU Do?
This is the first day of Promotional Products Work Week!
Words have power.
Choose kind ones.
The Monday Minute: Sales is like Training a puppy
It takes a while to become an overnight success!
The Monday Minute: Be Willing To Put On The Cape
Everyone can be a superhero if we are willing to put on the cape.
Push Out the Good
If you push out good (eventually) good will come back your way.
You are NOT for Everyone
And that is Okay!
The Monday Minute
Stop comparing yourself to others
Renting Headspace To Others
Hijack your brain in a good way!
Give Thanks!
How often do you really spend time saying "thank you?"
Just One More
When you're tired, frustrated, impatient, remember this...
Compassion is Not a Feeling
It’s not about thoughts. It’s not about dreams. It’s about action.
Short Term Sales...in short, make you look desperate!
Focus on Long Term Success
The Most Over-Used Word in Our Culture Today
How are you? How is the family? How is work?
The Monday Minute
Be Human
Pass or Fail
Recently, I had an epiphany about big goals.
Change Ahead!
12 months ago...this might have seemed weird!
Turn on the Light
Join Kirby every Monday for The Monday Minute. This week he talks about fumbling around in the dark...and other ways we tend to waste our time.