The Importance of Understanding Your Customer.
Episode 3
Shelter from the Storm: Umbrellas Have the Market Covered
Umbrellas have emerged as a surprising solution as we establish a new normal.
Delivering Marketing Joy's 300th Episode
The tables are turned for this very special episode.
Kathryn Mills - Emotional Intelligence
Express Training Bites - Episode 1
How Can I Miss You If You Won’t Go Away?
The key now is to stay present.
Identity Collection - Drinkware 2020
Drinkware designed to promote your brand and fit your budget
PromoAM - LogoMark - Amanda Maynord
Start your mornings off right with Promo AM!
CJ Schmidt talks about selling hard goods
And selling them during a hard time.
Just One More
When you're tired, frustrated, impatient, remember this...
Highlight Reel of the last year
That is the power of Promo!
New Lessons: Back-to-School Promos
This year's back to school supplies look a little different.
Made in the USA Virtual Tradeshow
PromoShow holds another successful Virtual Tradeshow bringing Suppliers and Distributors together.
Cold Calling Tips
Episode 2
How about your closet...outdoors!
Time for Amelia to go through her closet and show you some great promotional ideas!
Five Traits of a Problem Solver vs Order Taker
The Need for Problem Solvers is at an All-Time High
How are You Staying Motivated?
This pandemic is starting to get to me!
Cloud Computing
Why we should care!
Samantha Kates VP of Sales at commonsku
How to lead a sales team in tough times!
Hand to Hand Distribution During Covid-19 might not be easy, but it is possible!
Tim Walls from Insomnia Cookies
How he left Promo...but not really...
PromoAM - Made in the USA Show - Brandon Pecharich
Start your mornings off right with Promo AM!
Is Your Packaging Ruining Your Messaging?
…if you’re kitting like this, it’s dead on arrival.
Compassion is Not a Feeling
It’s not about thoughts. It’s not about dreams. It’s about action.
What to do when the customer gets angry.
Episode 1
These are unprecedented times, however the economic rules remain the same.